A brief commentary on “Skylight” (Spoilers not detected)

DAYO WONG, a name that guarantees everything will be sold out in minutes, is back on stage with a stage play named “Skylight”. Was lucky enough to grab some tickets with very nice view for the opening night. And the night, undoubtedly, turned out to be a wonderful and enjoyable one.

Didn’t do any research on this play until I flipped through the programme when I got seated at the theatre. The story was an adaptation to David Hare’s play by Candace Chong Mui Ngam, a very famous playwright in Hong Kong who wrote ‘The French Kiss’, which was recently adapted into a movie named ‘Heaven in the Dark’ starred by Jacky Cheung and Karena Lam.

Ms. Chong is really good at presenting the whole story and creating tensions simply through exchanging conversations between the actors. The story line of ‘Skylight’ was as simple as a face-to-face conversation of a pair of ex-lovers meeting up after the wife of Tom, the male lead who was a very successful businessman, passed away. The whole thing might sound like a conventional love story, but the stage play has incorporated discussions and metaphors of concept of classes, values and even social issues, which was kinda out of my expectation. No worries, I won’t discuss any further about the implications and details here as promised.

Then, I’d like to talk about the scenery and props. There was only one scene for the whole play – the house of Kyra, the female lead who was an ex-lover and ex-subordinate of Tom and now a teacher at a band-5 secondary school in Sheung Shui – and still it was very, very delicate and I found it so so impressive. Her house was a rooftop slum located in Chai Wan. It’s a small, messy, cosy but pretty complicated one. Why complicated? First, the bed. Below her bed were boxes filled with books which also served the purpose of stairs and I found this quite amazing and smart. Next, her open kitchen. I read from some audience who sat nearer to the stage claiming that the stoves and sink were all workable. THAT IS, there were really fire and water coming out from them! Lastly, the food. Yes, this play heavily involved with food. The dinner Kyra cooked and the English breakfast prepared by Edward, Tom’s son, were all edible and heard that they were very yummy too.

Last but not the least, the actors. There were only three actors in the whole play and they indeed had sparked off the best in them. There’s nothing left to say for Dayo as he’s amazing as always. Dayo-style lines had definitely enriched the whole play also. Terrence Lau, who played Edward, did a good job too. Who really surprised me was Fala Chen. As a newbie to stage play, her performance was surprisingly remarkable. Really hope that she will return to Hong Kong after her studies and continue to take part in performing arts.

Overall, the performance was pretty impressive, exceptional and striking. Congratulations to the whole crew of the play and wish they can continue to bring more enjoyable nights to the audience for the rest of the performing nights.


Vivien Lam

(Editor's comment: writer with good taste in music)

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