[Short story] Teddy


Cc photo by flickr user Bernt Rostad

Cc photo by flickr user Bernt Rostad

“Do you want to hear a story?” asked a woman.
I was writing scrap at a pub alone and for a quick drink, usually I’d be shrugging gentlemen off. But when I looked up and saw a gowned lady, I hesitated, at second thought, “Please take a seat.”

Bartender came, she said with a polite smile, “Chivas on the rocks.”
I gave her a quick glance: a late 30ish to early 40ish blonde with heavy British accent, she’s probably taller than me by 10cm, typically big-boned, that made her ~1.8m, at least. Her black dress suited her tight and well, epic tits, high heels, crossed legs.
She’s not pretty at first sight, but she’s beautiful as a whole.
I sipped my vodka.

“You do look like a good listener.” She looked back at me, I returned with my usual silly smile over drinks pretending dizzy, that should be inviting enough for her to continue.
“Do you happen to know someone who is perfect for you?” Her whisky came, she paid on spot, stared at it long and drank in one go.
Not sure whether I should utter a “no” or not, she continued, “He’s all perfect, we were so in-love that we loved like teenagers, he brought light into my life, every moment we spent together was happy, he was my everything…”
I sensed a smell of tragedy there.
“We’ve been together for less than a year, and he has already proposed. I had my own considerations but he’s being so persistent that I could not refuse him again. We planned to go to Paris, but now he’s gone. I miss him every day, his face, his voice, his laughter, his scent…..”

I was a bit confused…”He’s gone?”

She held my hands, head lowered, I couldn’t see her face, few seconds later her tears were the back of my hands. “He’s dead. Teddy’s dead. He’s so young. It’s not fair.”
I didn’t know what to say but “Sorry”, I held back her hands.

She silently cried for more than 5 minutes. When she’s finished, she dried her tears, forced a smile and said, “Thank you, you’ve been so kind.”
I really had done nothing.
She gave me a hug, I had a second of illusion that she was trying to hug him tight once again.
She let me go, took a deep breath. Head’s up, chest’s out, she left.

I got back to my scrap-writing for another while but I couldn’t focus, so I finished my vodka and ran my errand.


爾雅集總編輯,他們如此叫我,我便有如此稱號。 以文會友,不問姓甚名誰,不理江湖恩怨;勸天公抖擻,樂見世間文章不拘一格。不小器但挺怕煩。

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